WMS CH Licensing Quickstart

Module installation and setup walk-through video


Installation Steps

Step 1:

Using the Crestron Home setup app, navigate to the following device:

Drivers > License Manager > Wired Media Solutions.

Install the "License Core" extension located within this folder by pressing the + button. We recommend using a utility room within your project.


Step 2:

With your computer/tablet on the same network as the Crestron Home processor, open a web browser and go to the following URL: https://<processor's IP>/wms/index.html (enter your processor IP address without the < or >). This will bring up our licensing portal. For information regarding our terms of service or privacy policy, you may click the links under the "Information" tab. Please note that using HTTP as opposed to HTTPS will not work and not re-direct. 


Step 3:

Navigate to the "Dealer Setup" tab on the navigation bar. Please enter the current dealer's information in the required fields and click "Update Dealer Information." Our licensing platform uses this information to tie activated licenses to a dealer's contact to support you and your systems in the future. If you are a new dealer taking over a project, we encourage you to update the information on this page for new activations. 


Step 4:

You may install other drivers we offer through the platform which require our licensing module to operate — more on this below. Driver information will populate on the loading or reloading of the portal page. If a driver was recently added in Crestron Home Setup and the WMS licensing portal web page was pulled up on your browser, please reload the page to refresh available extensions and drivers we support.


Working with driver and extension licensing

Select the desired driver or extension shown in the list in the navigation tabs on the left. The header will show the driver name and (licensed), (trial), or (unlicensed) in green, orange or red, respectively. Please note that activation, trial requests, and deactivation will require an internet connection to communicate with our servers. All other times, this will not require a connection. Trial and activated drivers or extensions will have the information available within the "License Details" drop-down and any attributes pertaining to purchased features displayed within the "Features" drop-down. If a license is based on a consumption quantity, consumed quantities will be shown under the "Consumption Licenses" drop-down with an "in use/total available" format.


Activate a trial:

If an extension or driver has not been purchased yet, you may activate a trial for a period of time. Please note that this will authorize the full usage of this extension or driver until the expiration time/date listed within the license details. To activate, press the "Request Trial" button. Once the trial key has been authenticated with our servers, the extension or driver will now show in a trial state. Once the trial has expired, you will no longer be able to request a trial, and the driver or extension will cease to function. A purchase will be required to continue using the driver or extension. 


Activate a purchase:

If the license is in an un-activated or trial state, copy and paste the complete license key received in the order email. The license key may be listed as a tracking number but will be in the format of XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX. Once the key has been pasted in the "License Key" text box, press the "Activate Permanent License" button.


Portable Activations:

You can deactivate a license and activate it on another processor. Please copy the key before deactivating and then click the "Deactivate" button and confirm. Once the license has been deactivated, you may activate it on a new processor.


Upgrading License Features:

If a limited feature or quantity license was purchased and you desire to upgrade to a different version, please contact us for a custom transaction. Buying a second license will not increase the count or feature.


Replacing Processors:

We understand that things break from time to time. Please send us a note with the MAC address of the previously activated processor and any additional available information from the initial order. We can reset the activations for those licenses.



If you receive a "404 page not found" after proper installation, please ensure that the web port and secure web port are left as default. Issuing the following commands should result in the following replies:

Send: webport  Reply: Webserver port =  80

Send: securewebport  Reply: Webserver port =  443

If these are showing something different, please issue the following commands. If you are performing port forwarding, please adjust NAT entries to forward desired external port to the proper internal port. 

Send: webport 80 and securewebport 443